Shekinah Ecstasy Worship


As a psalmist, Joseph Vernon Duncan received all the songs presented on this album as downloads from the Holy Spirit and received and recorded them in a rhythm and style close to the original as possible. This is definitely 4-3-2 music tweaked by the Holy Spirit himself and blended with cosmic frequency, intended to bring healing to those who listen and participate in it.




1. Shekinah Glory (Live)

2. My Day (Live)

3. Never Never Knew (Live)

4. Let Your Glory Surround Us (Live)

5. This Is My Moment (Live)

6. We Worship You Oh God (Live)

7. I Love You (Studio)

8. I Feel the Rain

9. No God Like Jehovah

10. Awesome God

11. No Chains, No Cords

12. Beyond Tehillah

13. I Love You (Live)

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